"I work regularly on television and Andrea is directly responsible for that. She is a teacher who is respected for her expertise and she practices what she preaches. She is an amazing actress and she is source. I had already been a working actor before I met Andrea but sometimes it was a hit or miss in terms of performance. As I advanced in my career I really wanted to get better. This was when I encountered Andrea. The first day of class, Andrea said that she would teach us how to train like Olympians and she was right. It was not always easy and her eye for truthfulness is sharp. She always pointed out when I was not truthful and while this was painful at times, it was invaluable because she forced me to grow. It is *VERY RARE* to find an acting teacher as passionate, who has high standards and embodies integrity. You will be very lucky if you work with the artist and teacher Andrea Dantas." - Natalie Kim

"Andrea is hands down the best acting teacher I’ve ever had- her love and passion for the craft are infused in her teachings. She’s honest, pushes you to do your best, and is basically Stella Adler in modern day form!!!" - Danielle King


"I won't be able to say enough of how much Andrea Dantas has influenced my craft as well as my life. She is an expert in diagnosing the individual artist, getting to the heart of the places in your acting that need improvement, and teaching the specific tools you will need to become a well-rounded artist with the capabilities of having meaningful expression. She is incredibly intelligent and well-versed in the craft's history. If you have the opportunity to be in the same room with Andrea Dantas, I hope you take it. I owe everything to this incredible woman." - David Joseph Volino   



"Andrea Dantas is the greatest teacher I’ve ever had. At my lowest acting moments when I felt like shit the most, she didn’t baby me and tell me what I WANTED to hear. She was unapologetic and told me what I NEEDED to hear. Having Dre as a teacher is tough at times but I wouldn’t trade the experiences, they are way too priceless to me. " - Lance Barret



 "Andrea Dantas is a phenomenal teacher. She emphasizes discipline, craft and a lust for life evident in both her teachings and her performances. She gives her students the tools to build their own artistic foundations. Her instruction is succinct and personalized to each and every student she teaches. Raises the bar for educators on an international scale. Pleasure being her student." - Michelle Ricciardi



"Let's put it this way–– if I didn't have Andrea as my teacher I wouldn't have the confidence and specificity that I have today to follow my dream. She was not only helped me build a process I can rely on, she built a whole new actor from inside out and I am so so grateful for her. If you have the chance to listen to what Andrea has to say, don't even think twice, go ahead and invest in yourself." - Ricardo Burgos


  "I am so fortunate to have had Andrea as my acting teacher. She is specific, inspiring, and so ridiculously intuitive and smart. I felt safe exploring and risking under her watchful eye, and at the same time pushed to bring my personal best to every class. She has an appreciation and understanding of classic and contemporary theater like no other acting teacher I have ever had. I am a better actor and person because of her." - Marianne Goodell



"Unapologetic. Superbly upholds an insatiable appetite for the craft, which is why she knows how to truthfully transform the approach you take towards not just your dream but EVERYTHING so excellently! I was so lucky to have spent a year under this Wonder Woman's teaching. There is just no question about it. You're either going to train with the best in order to BE the best, or you will continue to ponder, "what if?!" Invest in yourself! Your dream! Your growth! Your happiness! Invest in someone who can show you how rather than tell you, so that when you have the proper tools, and you are consistently doing, and practicing her training, you can go off into doing it by yourself, and honestly consider yourself a fearless individual ready to finally begin living instead of merely existing. Thank you for it all Andrea." - Karoline Pimentel



"I had the true honor of being taught the Meisner Technique by Andrea Dantas and what a blessing this was for me. She is brutally honest about everything. She pays very close attention to detail and will give you plenty of constructive feedback to help your craft grow. She will guide you and suggest how you can take your acting to the next level. Every single class I took with her, I learned something new. Her dedication to her students is second to none. Elevate your consciousness about what it means to be a true actor and notice how the world around you suddenly becomes more alive and vibrant. As you work with other actors in her class, your reaction to each moment will drastically improve as you learn to fully express and communicate the dialog you must present to your audience. She will teach you how to use your most valuable tooI - your body, to tell the story. I would recommend Andrea, to anyone wanting to further their acting career and improve their skills. You will be a changed person after learning from her excellent teachings." - Angie Feliz


"No bullshit, if you’re interested in an honest and demanding teacher of excellence, you go to Andrea Dantas! Outside of everything, Andrea speaks from the heart and her artistry comes from that place inside which we all strive to touch and feel. She won’t sugar coat the adjustments needed in your technique if it falters (which it will at times) but she’ll also lift your spirits and inspire. Andrea is a true artist with passion and an impeccable work ethic, but she also understands the importance of her ability to translate it into your own artistry. No two artists are the same and Andrea understands this more than most. She will help guide you into that place which you need to go to find your true self. Follow her blindly! I’m honoured to call Andrea a mentor and a friend. I can fall flat on my face in her presence , yet never feel as though I’m conpletely lost; moments will pass and tomorrow shall be another day. Beyond the poetic explanation of such a wonderful soul, Andrea is someone who will push you to your limits. You will go places you are afraid to go; she’ll push you even harder. I’m excited for anyone who’s able to learn from such a rare and humbling spirit. If you ever get the opportunity to see her live a life outside of her own, you’ll immediately be transformed into a moment of childlike wonder. Go forth and prepare yourself!" - Christopher Cates