Our school has been structured to provide students with top-notch education and the kind of training which transforms their acting skills into something they can be proud of.


To be an aspiring actor in New York can be very intimidating. That is why our Conservatory is more than just an acting school. A professional theater company established by Andrea Dantas has been designed to receive actors who go through our two year program, in an attempt to provide Manhattan with high level performances and beautiful aesthetics. Aside from the company,  we encourage our students to make their own content by promoting Film Festivals, Scene Nights, A Night of One Acts, and so many other activities, in order to put everything that is learned in the classroom to the test on a regular basis.

Another concern of ours is the safety of our students. In an industry dominated by inexcusable assault, harassment, fake promises and abuse of power toward artists (male and female), our Conservatory's number one priority is that every single student feel safe and free to work in a serious environment that doesn't tolerate any kind of inappropriate behavior neither from teachers, nor from students. It is time we begin to work toward a healthy artistic community where actors can solely focus on their acting so that our industry can change for the better.